Computer Specifications

Elon embraces a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model and recommends that all students have a laptop computer for use in and out of the classroom. Hardware needs may vary based on a student's major. If a student knows their intended major, they should consult their school’s website to see if a specific laptop is recommended. If a student is unsure of their major, they can choose to bring or purchase a laptop based on these recommendations:

 Component Recommendation
Processor Intel Core i5 or better
Memory (RAM) 8 GB or More
Hard Drive 256 GBs or More
Operating System Windows 10, Mac OS X Big Sur
(See note below about Home editions)
Wireless Capabilities 128 Bit Encryption Wi-Fi Certified
802.11 ac/b/g/n-compatible card

The university maintains a reliable wireless network and many students also choose to bring smart phones or tablets. Most devices connect to the network easily and include, but are not limited to, iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Elon does not recommend one particular laptop, tablet, or smart phone over another.

Elon annually establishes recommendations for each new entering class. Broad specifications are announced by mid-May for students entering in the fall of the next academic year.

Recommended laptop accessories:

  • Additional power cord
  • VGA adapter
  • HDMI cable


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