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These instructions cover using the Canon printer/copier to make copies.

Canon printers/copiers are not meant to copy the following items in color (you must make copies of the following in B&W): Paper money, traveler's cheques, money orders, food stamps, certificates of deposits, or passports. Copying these items will cause a Canon error that cannot be resolved without a technician's assistance.

1.) Touch your Phoenix Card to the Blackboard card reader to log in

This is an image of the card reader on a Canon device, which has been circled to draw attention.

2.) Press 'Copy'

This is the home screen of the Canon copier after you've tapped in.

3.) Select your print options (for explanations of printing options, download the Canon Copy Features Guide, listed on the right-hand side of this page underneath Details as a PDF download)

This is an image of what the copy screen looks like.

By default, Canon printers\copiers are set to auto-detect color. If ANY color is detected on the page, the document will print in color. To set printing to black-and-white, tap 'Select Color' and choose 'Black.'

4.) Press the 'Start' button

This is an image of the keypad on the Canon device.

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