Clinical Research Recording Equipment

Use the Clinical Research Recording equipment found in the Psychology/Health & Human Services Building in Rooms 102, 104, and 110.

Room 102: 3 cameras, 1 mic (The mic is located next to the instructor station and may be used to talk to the clinician in the observation room)
Room 104: 2 cameras
Room 110: 3 cameras

In order to record videos using the cameras to a USB device, you must have a high-quality USB drive with at least 4GB of storage space. The drive will need to be re-formatted each time it is used for recording. Additionally, the files will save an mp4 and a text file. The mp4 is your recording and will be auto-tagged with the date and the name you input during configuration.

Pictured below is the Crestron panel used to manage the cameras during the recording process. Above the Crestron panel is an outlet to insert a USB device for storing your recordings.

Photo of crestron control touch panel mounted to the wall with available USB port to attach a usb drive

  • When you insert a USB drive, it will not be recognized immediately. Please allow the system a few moments to recognize the device.
  • After the USB device is recognized, users will see on the screen the approximate amount of recording time available on their USB.

Once the system has started, you will need to configure your recording before you can start. Tap each of the buttons, starting from top and working toward the bottom.

Photo of initial screen on the crestron control touch panel which indicates a place to enter a name, setup a camera, or record

  1. Enter Name - Tap this button to enter your name, or a name for the recording. This will be the base file name saved to your USB device.
  2. Setup Cameras - After you enter your name, tap this button to configure the cameras to use. (Pictured below)
  3. Unable to Record / Start Recording - This button will not change to "Start Recording" until you setup the Enter Name and Setup Cameras option. Once you have done this, the button will switch to "Start Recording" and you can tap that to begin.

Pictured below is the camera configuration outlined in 'Setup Cameras' above. You can choose to use 1, 2, or 3 cameras. Press 'Save Setup' to save your settings.

Photo of camera configuration screen on crestron control touch panel

  • Above, under "Press Below to Select Recording Layout," you can adjust the appearance and locations of the different cameras you choose to utilize.
    Once you have set your cameras and begun recording, you will not be able to move/change the view of cameras.

To stop recording, tap 'Stop Recording.'

Do Not pull the USB device out of the system until the system has reset to normal. If it is flashing yellow and you remove the device, you will lose your recording.




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