Global Commons 204 - Multipurpose Room

Room Summary

Located on the third floor of the Global Commons, this room functions as a multi-purpose classroom seating approximately twelve people. Included within the space is a 70" TV, a wall plate, a touch panel, a bookshelf, cabinet space, and a white board wall. This space also functions as the 'International Studies' room.

Photo of Global Multi-purpose room 204 sign  Photo of room taken from entrance that includes work table layout, available chairs, and windows A photo of the room from the back wall


How to Use Room: Base-Level Operations

  1. Tap Touch Panel to turn on all connecting technology in the room. 
  2. Wait for 60 seconds, at the most, for Touch Panel to warm up and become operational.
  3. You can then operate all technology via the buttons on the left hand side of the Touch Panel.
  4. To power off all systems, press the Off button in the lower right hand corner of the Touch Panel.
  If Touch Panel screen is black, tap screen to power on OR wave hand for motion sensor to sense activity.

Available Technology

Below is a list of available technology within Global Room 204.

Equipment  Maufacturer  Model/Type 
Flat Panel Display Sharp  AQUOS 
Wall Plate Extron  WPB 109 
Touch Control Panel  Crestron  TPCS-4SM
Blu-Ray Player Sony BDP-S3200
Laptop Connectivity HDMI, VGA, Audio   


1.) Flat Panel Display (Sharp)

Photo of wall mounted TV in the classroom space

Turning On Device & Basic Use

  1. To turn on, tap Crestron panel to the right hand side of the display.
  2. Once lit, the screen will ask you to wait for 20 seconds, in order to warm up.
  3. To use the display, select the TV button to the left hand side of the Crestron panel.
  4. A number pad and channel arrows will then appear.  Use the arrows to navigate to the channels of your choice. The number pad can also be used to choose channels by simply typing in the channel number.
  1. To adjust the volume, you can either choose the controls attached to the left hand side of the display itself OR the controls on the right hand side of the touch panel.

Photo of crestron control touch panel highlighting the volume controls Photo of control options on TV


2.) Wall Plate (Extron)

Photo of wall plate shoing connections for audio, vga, and hdmi

Product Description

The Extron WPB 109 wallplate for HDMI, VGA, and Stereo Audio is specifically designed for a standard one gang-sized junction box. It features a pass-through VGA female to VGA female on 6” pigtail, HDMI female adapter on 10” pigtail, and a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack to captive screw for ease of integration in classrooms, conference rooms, and other facilities where convenient, wall-mounted AV connectivity is required. The HDMI and VGA cables facilitate DDC transmission, such as of EDID communications and HDCP key exchange, between the display and the source. The WPB 109 wallplate is made of metal and is available in black or white finish.


  • HDMI: HDMI female to HDMI female 10" pigtail
  • Computer video: 15-pin female to 15-pin female on 6” pigtail
  • Stereo audio: 3.5 mm stereo mini jack to captive screw
  • Signals passed through unprocessed
  • Supports DDC transmission — Facilitates EDID communication and HDCP exchange between the display and source.
  • HDCP compliant

Basic Operating Instructions

Featured in the picture above are three different means of cord connection to the main system. Click the picture to view more.

  1. Identify the first plug-in on the wall plate, as this is where you can connect any available AUX cord to your device.  
  2. Insert the AUX cord from your device (either a computer, iPod, cell-phone, etc.) and into the corresponding AUX plug-in.
  3. You should then be able to adjust the volume via your own specific device in connection to the main system.
  4. In the event that the audio does not connect properly, always check your volume settings under 'playback devices' and make sure the device you are connecting to is dispalyed.  If not, either wait for the device to add itself OR try re-connecting the device.
  1. Identify the middle plug-in on the Extron panel, as this is where you can connect your computer to the main system.
  2. Insert the computer/ VGA cord into the corresponding middle plug-in.
  3. You will then be directly connected to the system via your computer.
  1. Identify the bottom plug-in on the Wall Plate, as this is where you can connect your device to the main system
  2. Insert the HDMI chord into the corresponding plug-in from your device.
  3. Your device will then be connected to the necessary equipment.


3.) Touch Control Panel (Crestron)

Photo of crestron control touch panel showing a start up cycle

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Tap the screen to turn on system.
  2. The screen will ask you to wait for 20 seconds to warm up.
  3. Select whichever button on the left hand side you would prefer to use. (VGA, HDMI, TV, DVD, VID CONF.)
  4. Click the pictures below to locate where on the panel you can connect to or turn-on any technology in the room. (Each button also has an on-screen instruction guide for further help/information.)
  5. Crestron Wireless Manual: PDF

Photo of crestron control touch panel showing vga option selected Photo of crestron control touch panel showing the hdmi option selected Photo of crestron control touch panel showing the DVD option selected Photo of crestron control touch panel showing the TV option selected

Additional Room Features

  • Bookshelf
  • Counter top and cabinet space
  • White board wall
  • 2 portable white boards

Counter Top & Cabinet Space

Available in this room is a full-length counter and cabinet space, located directly on the right-hand wall upon entering.  These cabinets can be locked for security purposes and function as excellent room storage for the classroom. Click on the image below for a closer look.

Photo of wall mounted TV and cabinet space

White Board Wall

This room also includes a single white board wall located on the left hand side upon entering.  This wall functions the same as any regular white board and can be cleaned with the same products. Click on the image below for a closer look.

  Be aware that the only wall in the room that functions as a white board, is located on the wall on yourleft hand side upon directly entering the space.

Photo of white board wall


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