OneDrive for Android

OneDrive is available for Android users (listed as OneDrive - Cloud Storage in the Google Play Store). Follow these instructions regarding setting up OneDrive on your Android device, or for general use.

I. Installation

1.) Download OneDrive for Business from the Google Play Store

2.) Open the app and tap 'Sign in' and enter your Elon email username and password, then tap 'Sign in' again

3.) Congratulations! Your OneDrive for Business files are now available on your Android device!

II. General Use

Your account

An image of the options available for OneDrive on Android. Files is circled in this example.

Option Action
Files Tap to see the files in your OneDrive for Business account.
Recent documents Tap to see recently opened documents.
Shared Tap to see the documents you have shared with others or those that have been shared with you.
Recycle bin Tap to see documents in your OneDrive for Business recycle bin.
Add another account Tap to add another Microsoft account to your Android device.
Settings Tap to alter OneDrive for Business settings.

Use the OneDrive for Business app to open your files

  1. Tap any document to open it.
  2. You can only view documents by using the OneDrive for Business app. If you want to edit a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote file from your device, you need to install and set up the Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to your Android phone or tablet. See Install and set up Office on an Android phone tablet with Office 365.

Add photos or videos

  1. Choose where you want to upload the pictures to.
  2. Tap the Upload button, and then tap Upload photos and videos.

Get more help

For more information on OneDrive for Business for Android, see Microsoft's FAQ.


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