OneDrive for iOS Devices

I. Installation & Configuration

1.) Search 'OneDrive' in the AppStore

If you install OneDrive for Business, after installation, you will be prompted to install the newer version of OneDrive. As a result, it is recommended you install the App titled 'OneDrive - Cloud storage for files & Photos.'

2.) Click 'Get' and 'Install'

An image of the OneDrive app from the App Store.

3.) Tap the App

The OneDrive app icon.

4.) Tap 'Sign In'

An image of the Sign In box.

5.) Enter your Elon email address and tap 'Next'

An image of the sign-in prompt.

6.) Enter your Elon email password and tap 'Sign in'

An image of the Elon sign-in prompt.

7.) Congratulations! OneDrive is now configured on your iPhone or iPad device!

II. General Use

This section covers the general use of the OneDrive iPhone app.

When you open the app, you will see the list of files in your OneDrive account

In order to actively edit files (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint), you will need the corresponding app installed on your iDevice.


An image of the files, with the Actions icon circled.

By tapping the icon circled above, you can access the following screen:

An image with the settings wheel circled.

  1. Add Account - Add another Microsoft account to the OneDrive app on your device.
  2. Settings Wheel (circled) - You will see the Settings for OneDrive on your account.

From the main screen, you can tap the icon (circled below) to discover more actions.

An image with the More Actions option circled.

Tapping the icon will present the following options:

An image of available actions for a OneDrive file.

Option Action
Details See the details of the selected file.
Select Items Select multiple files in your OneDrive account.
Sort By Change how OneDrive sorts your files.
Thumbnails View Change the view to file thumbnails.
Add Items Add/upload items to your OneDrive account.
Open Recycle Bin Open your OneDrive recycle bin.

At the bottom of the OneDrive main screen, you can tap either of the icons show below to view all Files, view Recent files, or view Shared files:

An image of icons you can tap at the bottom of the OneDrive main screen, which are Files, Recent, or Shared.

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