Spence Pavilion 207 - Religious Studies Department

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Room Summary

A picture of the sign for room #207. A picture of the room from the front. A picture of the room from the left side. A picture of the back office area.
This area is the lobby for faculty offices in the religious studies department. It can also be utilized as a study space for students. To one side of the entrance, there is a printer. In the back of the space, there is a desktop computer and a scanner.

Available Technology

Below is a list of available technology in Spence 207.

Equipment Manufacturer Model/Type
Desktop Computer Dell Optiplex 7040
Monitor Samsung SyncMaster 320px
Laser Printer HP Laser Jet 2420dn
Scanner HP Scanjet 5590

1) Desktop Computers (Dell)

A picture of the Dell desktop computer.

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Turn on computer by pressing the power button on the top-right of the CPU.
  2. Turn on the computer monitor by pressing the power button on the bottom-right side of the computer monitor.
  3. Login with your Elon username and password.
  4. To power the desktop computer off, click the Shut Down button (click the Windows button on the bottom-left side of the desktop, the Shut Down button is located to the right of the display window).

2) Laser Printer (HP)

A picture of the printing station.

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Install Printer on your device
    1. Go to "Computer" on the start screen.
    2. Click "Network."
    3. Click "Add a printer" and then "Add a network printer."
    4. Select "The printer I want isn't listed."
    5. Add printer using TLP/IP address ( Manufacturer is HP Select HP Laser Jet 2200 Series PCL5.

3) Scanner and Copier (HP)

A picture of the scanner and copier.

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. On the computer desktop there will be two applications that connect to the HP ScanJet Machine.
    A picture of the Desktop computer monitor.
  2. In order to scan a document, select the scanner icon on the desktop.
    A picture of the scanner icon circled.
  3. Place the document on the scanner.
  4. Select scan settings then click "Scan" to continue.
    A picture of the scan window.
  5. In order to copy a document, select the copy icon on the desktop.
    A picture of desktop computer with the copy icon circled.
  6. Place the document on the copier.
  7. Select copy setting then click "Start" to continue.
    A picture of the computer desktop with the copy window open.


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