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Room Summary

Photo of the room title and 308 number Picture of Sankey 208 from the back of the room Picture of Sankey 308 from the side corner Picture of Sankey 308 from the front of the room.



This is a Business Conference Room. It can hold up to 70 people and has a connecting door for catering services. Large events can be held here.

How to Use Room: Base Level Operations

  1. Connect device to one of the four wall plates.
  2. Turn on one of the control panels.
  3. Select which projector to use and select which wall plate will be projecting the information.

Available Technology

Below is the technology available in Sankey 308.

Equipment  Manufacturer Model
Touch Panel (x2) Crestron TSW-1060-B-S
Data Projector (x2) Canon WUX6010
Projector Screen (x2) Da-Lite Contour
Web Camera Avaya HC020
Microphones Shure PGA48
AirMedia Crestron AM-3200

1.) Touch Panel Control (Crestron)

Basic Instructions

  1. Tap the power button on the right to turn on the system.
    Crestron panel waiting for input
  2. Choose which projector and which projector orientation you wish to use. Projector 1 is located on the west side of the room. Projector 2 is located on the north side of the room.
  3. The projector will automatically display the AirMedia connection instructions.
  4. To turn off the system press the power button on the right and then when prompted if you would like to shut down the system select "yes."
    Crestron panel with shut down prompt

Source Select: Changing the Projector Input Source

  The projector will automatically use AirMedia 1 as the source.
  1. Select which projector you are using under the Source Select box. Crestron panel with projector one selected
  2. Select which source you wish to use: HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, HDMI 4, AirMedia 1 or AirMedia 2.
    1. If using HDMI: Each HDMI input corresponds to an HDMI port in the wall plates around the room. The wall plates are labeled. See the section on Wall Plates for more information.
    2. If using AirMedia, select this as the source.
      1. The projector will display an IP address in the top left corner of the screen. Type this into a web browser on your personal device. Picture of AirMedia IP address on projector screen.
        1. If you have not used AirMedia before, you will have to download the software to your device. Follow the prompts given on the website.
      2. Once the program opens on your computer, it will ask for a room code. This is the four digit code found on the top right corner of the projector screen. Picture of AirMedia code shown on projector.


  1. Select the Program Audio source you wish to use. This should correspond with the main projector you are using for your presentation.
    Crestron panel with audio selection
  2. You can mute the projector by tapping on "Program Volume Mute."
  3. Select "Microphone Inputs" to control the wired microphone power and volume. 
    Crestron panel with microphone input control
  4. When selecting wired microphone imputs, ensure the microphone is connected to the corresponding input in the wall plate. For further information, see Wall Plate Instructions below.
    Photo of connection plates for HDMI 1 and MIC 1
    Photo of connection plate for HDMI 2 and MIC 2
    Photo for MIC 3 and AUX out
    Photo of MIC 4 and AUX out
  5. Select "Wireless Microphones" to control the wireless microphone volume.

Crestron panel with wireless microphone control

Display Control

Crestron panel with display control

  1. You can turn on and off the projectors separately.
  2. You can mute the images each projector display.
  3. You can select a screen and adjust it up or down. Screen 1 works with projector 1. Screen 2 works with projector 2.


2.) Wall Plate (Crestron)

Basic Instructions

  1. Connect device to Wallplate using HDMI cord.
  2. Connect device to the Wallplate with the corresponding number as the input you are using.
    Photo of the crestron wall plate showing options for HDMI1 and MIC 1 Located on the west wall of room.
    Photo of the crestron wall plate showing options for HDMI 2 and MIC 2 Located on the north wall of room.
    Photo of the crestron wall plate showing options for HDMI 3 and showing the DM OUT connection Located on the south wall of room.
    Photo of the crestron wall plate HDMI 4 configuration and DM OUT connection Located on the east wall of room.


3.) Projector (Canon)

Basic Instructions

  1. Touch the touch panel to turn on the system. It should take about 30 seconds to warm up and turn on.
  2. Use the touch panel to select the desired input.
  3. To turn off the system, press the power button on the top-right of the touch panel.


4.) Web Camera (Avaya)

Basic Operating Instructions

This room is equipped with an Avaya HC020 web camera to use with web conferencing. Please review the articles below for additional information.

Connect Classroom Technology to Zoom
Connect Classroom Technology to Microsoft Teams


Additional Room Features

  • There are two glassboards to write on in the room.
  • 4 portable whiteboards which can be moved around the room.
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