Moseley 140 - Student Professional Development Center

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Room Summary


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Located on the first floor of Moseley, this room serves as the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) for Elon University students. Students can make appointments with the SPDC to discuss career choices, choose a major, search for jobs and internships, plan and apply for graduate schools, prepare for interviews, develop resumes and cover letters, and develop network strategies.

For more information about Elon University's Student Professional Development Center, visit the SPDC home page.

Available Technology

Below is a list of all the technology available in Moseley 140.

Equipment Manufacturer  Model/Type 
Student Computer (x4)   Dell Optiplex 5270 AIO 


1.) Student Computers (Dell)

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Turn on computer by pressing the power button on the bottom right corner of the monitor.
  2. Log in with your Elon username and password.
  3. To power the desktop computer off, click the Shut Down button (click the Windows button on the bottom left side of the desktop, the Shut Down button is located to the right of the display window).


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