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Room Summary

Photo of the Mooney 111 room sign with the title of the room, curriculum resources center, label installed belowPhoto of the wall mounted TV installed in the spacePhoto of the cabinet where the available iPads are stored






This is an area for Education majors and minors where they can come and find resources for projects or tutoring. Students outside of the Education program can come and find appropriate material for volunteer organizations, such as the Village Project. This space is also used as a studying area.

Available Technology

Below is a list of the technology available in Mooney 111 - Curriculum Resource Center.


  1. Desktop Computer (x3)
    • Manufacturer - DELL
    • Model/Type - OptiPlex 5250
  2. iPads (x12)
    • Manufacturer - Apple
    • Model/Type - MGL12LL/A
  3. Chromebook (x12)
    • Manufacturer - DELL
    • Model/Type - Chromebook 11
  4. TV/Monitor
    • Manufacturer - SHARP
    • Model/Type - DIVX+ HD
  5. 3D Printer (x2)
    • Manufacturer - MakerBot
    • Model/Type - Replicator Mini
  6. Laser Printer
    • Manufacturer - HP Laser Jet
    • Model/Type - M602
  7. CD/DVD Player
    • Manufacturer - Sony
    • Model/Type - DVP-NS75H
  8. Blu-ray Player
    • Manufacturer - Samsung
    • Model/Type - BD-P1500


1) Desktop Computer (DELL)

Photo of three dell computer installed on a counter top in the space

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Turn on the computer by pressing the power button on the bottom right side of the computer monitor.
  2. Login with your Elon username and password.
  3. To power the desktop computer off, click the Shut Down button (click the Windows button on the bottom left side of the desktop, the Shut Down button is located to the right of the display window).

2) iPads (Apple)

Photo of the available iPads with attached keyboards

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Ask at the front desk for an iPad.
  2. You can use it for learning apps and internet searches.
  3. All the iPads come with a case with a keyboard connected to make typing and usage easier.

3) Chromebook (DELL)

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Ask at the front desk for a Chromebook.
  2. Log in using your Elon email and password.
    Photo of the login screen for the Chromebook
  3. Use like any other computer.
    Photo of the Chromebook after it's been logged in to
  4. When finished log out by hover over user icon in lower right corner and then clicking "Sign Out".
    Photo of the sign out option for the chromebook
  5. You can remove yourself from the user list by clicking the X button over your user icon after signing out.
    Photo of the Chromebook showing a mouse hovering over an x to remove the user from the device
  6. Device can also be used as a guest user.
    Photo of the Chromebook logged on as a guest user

4) 3D Printer (MakerBot Replicator Mini)

Photo of the 3D printer available in the space

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Log into the desktop computer using Elon username and password.
  2. Open the MakerHub App ("MakerBot Desktop").
  3. Create account to use program.
  4. Once model has been created check size and arrangement to ensure it will fit on printing pad of 3D printer.
  5. Click the "Print" button in the upper right hand corner to start 3D printing process.

5) TV/Monitor (SHARP)

  1. Use like a normal TV.
  2. If needed to be used as a monitor for presentations connect computer using cords provided and select appropriate HDMI input.

6) Laser Printer (HP Laser Jet)

Photo of the hp laser jet printer

Basic Operating Instructions

  1. Select HP_Printer_on_Pharos01.
  2. Send document to print.
  3. Enter Elon username.
  4. Swipe Phoenix card at the print station to print document.


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