Dickson Building (Physical Plant) - 109 Remote Control Operation


Universal Remote Control Operation in Room 109 of the Dickson Building (Physical Plant)

Common Symptoms:

Unable to operate equipment with remote control.

Error Message:



Follow these instructions which are also posted on site.

This remote will operate both the TV and the VCR. The only thing it needs is to be told which device it is going to operate. This is done by selecting the source at the top of the remote.

Note: When controlling the TV, aim the remote at the lower right corner of the TV for best IR operation.

To Control the TV & Turn on Philo
• Select TV at the top of the remote
• Select the green power button at the very top 
• Once on, select the input of the TV by choosing either AV (for the VCR or Philo) or PC for a laptop

To Control the VCR
• Select VCR at the top of the remote 
• Make sure the VCR is powered on and the TV is set to the “AV” input (see above for selecting the input)
• You can now adjust TV volume or play, stop, pause, FF or Rewind a tape

Reminder……..Since the TV is really a Monitor, changing stations is done on the VCR. All functions for the VCR are now active. TV Volume is also active whether the remote is set to VCR or TV.

4/16/17- Added Philo to VCR channel "L2". This will not change unless someone presses +/- channel buttons. You now have a Roku controller for using Philo for TV.

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