Guide to Photoshop Shortcuts

Most tasks in Photoshop can be performed using quick keyboard shortcuts rather than menus. Most shortcuts are listed by selecting 'File' and looking next to their entry in the drop-down menus.


In order to find a shortcut for a specific task, just find it in the menu and look to the right for a combination of keystrokes.
Here’s a list of some of the most common, useful, or hidden shortcuts:

Creating an Image:

Action Shortcut
New Project Ctrl + N
Help F1
Open File Ctrl + O
Open As Alt + Shift + Ctrl + O
New Layer Shift + Ctrl + N
New Layer Via Copy Ctrl + J
New Layer Via Cut Shift + Ctrl + J

First Steps:

Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Zoom In Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Ctrl + -
Zoom to Screen Ctrl + 0
Zoom to 100% Ctrl + 1
Undo Ctrl + Z
Step Back Ctrl + Z
Step Forward Shift + Ctrl + Z

Simple Edits:

Fill Shift + F5
Invert Selection Shift + F7
Feather Selection Shift + F6
Edit Image Size Alt + Ctrl + I
Edit Canvas Size Alt + Ctrl + C
Refine Edge Ctrl + Alt + R


Action Shortcut
Select move tool V
Select marquee tool M
Select lasso tool L
Select magic wand W
Select crop tool C
Select Eyedropper tool I
Select Spot Healing Brush tool J
Select Brush tool B
Select Clone Stamp tool S
Select History Brush tool Y
Select Eraser tool E
Select Gradient tool G
Select Dodge tool O
Select Pen tool P
Select Horizontal Type tool T
Select Path Selection tool A
Select Rectangle tool U
Select 3D Object Rotate tool K
Select 3D Camera Rotate tool N
Select Hand tool H
Select Rotate View tool R
Select Zoom tool Z
Switch to hand tool Space
Switch to zoom in Ctrl + Space
Switch to zoom out Alt + Space

Time Savers:

Cycle through alternate tools Alt + Click on tool
Cycle open documents Ctrl + Tab
Previous Document Shift + Ctrl + Tab
Toggle full screen F (or Shift + F)
Toggle canvas color Space + F
Temporary Zoom H + Click
Scroll with hand tool Space + Drag
View Individual Color Channels R/G/B Ctrl + 3/4/5

Finishing Up:

Save Ctrl + S
Save As Ctrl + Shift + S
Save for Web Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S

Many more shortcuts, especially ones for specific applications like animation or painting, can be found on the full list of default Adobe keyboard shortcuts.



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