Calendar Sharing in Office 365

Sharing Calendars

These instructions follow the recommended method of sharing calendars with colleagues at Elon University.

You must login to Office 365 with the account that created the calendar to be able to follow the sharing instructions below. Also, the user that you are sharing the calendar with MUST have an Office 365 account.

1.) Log into your email account at

An image of the email login.

2.) Open the Calendar App by clicking the tiled icon in the upper-left hand corner and select 'Calendar'

An image with an arrow pointing to the tiled icon to click, and the calendar app circled.

3.) Click 'Share' and select the calendar you would like to share

An image with the share button circled.


4.) Enter the full email address of the person you would like to share the calendar with

An example image of an email address entered into the share with field, which has been circled.


5.) Select the calendar permissions you want the person to have

An image showing the variety of permissions you can select.

  • Availability only - This will only share when you are available.
  • Limited details - This will show limited details of items in your calendar.
  • Full details - This will show all details of events on your calendar.
  • Editor - This will allow the person to see all events on your calendar and edit them.
  • Delegate - Delegates will receive copies of all calendar invites you receive.

6.) Click 'Send'

An image showing the location of the send button, which has been circled.

7.) The user you are sharing your calendar with will receive an email notifying them that the calendar has been shared

Opening a Shared Calendar

These steps walk a user through accessing a shared calendar.

1.) Log into your email account at


2.) Open the email you receive for Sharing a Calendar

An example of the shared calendar email.

3.) Click the 'Accept' button - This will add the calendar to your list of calendars


An image showing the location of the accept button, which has been circled.


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