Steers Pavilion 101


Web Camera

This room is equipped with an Avaya HC020 web camera to use with web conferencing. Please review the articles below for additional information.

Connect Classroom Technology to Zoom
Connect Classroom Technology to Microsoft Teams

CTS, Design and Integration are testing a new classroom technology operating system in this space.  These instructions will allow you to operate the system with the instructor station MAC at full screen.  Additional features of the system are available, and you can schedule personal training with the Technology Service Desk.  A more in-depth guide is being created and will be accessible through our Knowledge Base.

If you have issues before or during your class, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200 and let them know you are having issues with the “Cynap” system.

Please note that if you do not interact with the touchscreen screen for 30 minutes, the system may turn on the screensaver.

The Wolfvision Cynap system is similar to the T1V system.  When you enter the room, you may see one or two backgrounds on the screen. Make sure the instructor MAC is powered on.

If you see nothing on the screen, make sure the Cynap in the cabinet has a green-lit power button. If the light is white, make sure the MAC is on and press the power button.  The MAC image will appear on screen after startup.

Touch the screen to begin and to show to the mountain background.

Touch the “plus” icon at the bottom center of the screen and select the “MAC/User Laptop” icon

The MAC display should now be on the screen.  To go full screen, use the user option button.

Select the user option button on the lower left. (it may be best to select this button by putting your finger on the colored box)

The resulting bar allows you additional control of volume and the option to go full screen or to close the window. Select the full screen icon to make you image full size.

To exit, touch the screen for the options bars and press the x.

Four screens can be shown at once on display, including a built-in browser and whiteboard.

To end your presentation – select the three-dot icon on the right of the screen (when not in full-screen mode)

Press End Presentation

Then press New Presentation or Screensaver.  Please do not use standby.

Wireless presenting is available on this system using AirPlay – ChromeCast – Miracast and VCast.

All the Macs in the room can connect to the screen by selecting the AirPlay options and then selecting Steers-101-Cynap.

Wireless users connected to the elonu-secure network can use their system of choice and connect to Steers-101-Cynap

A PIN is required to connect and can be found at the top of the screen.  The will change once the presentation has been ended as noted above.


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