Alamance 120C

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Photo of LCD on wall in Alamance 120

Provost Office

Basic Functions

1. Laptop Presentation via HDMI

2. Video Conference via Laptop HDMI/USB using Logitech Brio

3. IPTV Samsung TV Plus

Advanced Functions

1. Wireless PC presentation via MiraCast

2. SmarTV APPS - User preference (ie Disney +, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime)

Connection notes for computers

● As long as file sharing is activated, unauthorized access may occur. When you do not need to access data, disable file sharing.

● If you want to connect your PC and TV wirelessly, both of them must be connected to each other on the same network.

● When sharing content with other network-based devices such as those in an IP (Internet Protocol) storage system, sharing may not be supported due to the network’s configuration, quality, or functionality, for example, if the network has an NAS (Network-Attached Storage) device.


Instructions for Laptop connection/video conference

1. Using the Remote control - power on the LCD.

2. Connect laptop to HDMI cable (adaptor may be needed to connect) A Extron MDP-HDMI adaptor has been provided to the Provost for this setup

*Best Resolution for PC/MAC is 1920x1080*

3. Select (HDMI1/PC) using the source button on the remote

4. If using external USB camera connected to tv, plug in the USB cable

5. Launch video conference software of choice.

6. Select the Logitech Brio from the camera selection

7. Adjusting the settings of the camera (pan tilt zoom) from the video conference software settings before placing the call.

8. Adjust volume of LCD as need with the remote.




Samsung - 58" Class - LED - 6 Series 4K - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR A photo of a Samsung - 58 inch Class - LED - 6 Series 4K - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR


Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro WebcamA photo of the logitech BRIO ULTRA HD PRO WEBCAM 4K webcam with HDR and Windows Hello support
4K webcam with HDR and Windows Hello support



How do I change audio and video settings in Skype on desktop?

  1. Select your profile picture.
  2. Select Settings Settings button.
  3. Select Audio & Video Audio.
  4. From there you can customize the following audio and video settings:
    • Camera - Select a different camera if you have one connected.
      • Camera Preview - Glimpse a preview of your camera.
      • Webcam settings - Customize your webcam brightness, contrast and more. This feature is only available in Skype for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • Microphone - Select a different microphone device if you have one connected.
      • Automatically adjust microphone settings - With this toggled on, your microphone volume will be set automatically. When you toggle this off, you can adjust your microphone volume manually. (not available in Skype for Web)
    • Speakers - Select a different speaker if you have one connected.
      • Speaker volume - Adjust your speaker sound volume. (not available in Skype for Web)
        • Note: The default setting for speaker volume is set to maximum (level 10) and can be adjusted anytime. This setting adjusts levels of your Skype ringtones and call volume independent of your device volume settings.
      • Test audio - Select this to test your current speaker volume.
      • Unmute for incoming calls - Choose whether you want your incoming calls muted or unmuted by toggling this On or Off. (not available in Skype for Web)
      • Ring on additional device - You can set Skype incoming calls to ring on multiple audio devices if you have, for example, both a headset and speaker connected. (not available in Skype for Web)
    • Make a free test call - You can use this feature to check that your sound and microphone are working properly in Skype.


Switching between external devices connected to the TV

You can switch between TV programs and the content of external devices.

Changing the input signal Source

When you select a connected external device on the Source screen, the output of the selected device is displayed on the TV's screen.

" On the standard remote control, press the SOURCE button.

" To control a device (Blu-ray player, game console, etc.) that supports universal remote control with the TV's remote control, connect the device to an HDMI port on the TV, and then turn on the device. You can switch to the output of the device automatically or you can configure universal remote control for the device automatically. To configure the device for universal remote control automatically, point the TV's remote control at the device.

" When a USB device is connected to the USB port, a pop-up message appears that lets you switch easily to the media content listed on the device.

" This function may not be supported depending on the device and geographical area


Samsung Smart Hub Key

a photo of how to use smarthubA photo of how to use smart hub






Samsung TV Plus

This TV comes with Samsung TV Plus – Samsung’s free ad-supported Smart TV video service, delivers instant access to news, sports, entertainment, and more.

Navigate to Samsung TV Plus by using the app bar located at the bottom of your TV screen. Simply click on the Samsung TV Plus app to enter the experience. 

With the Guide you can see what's on now and what’s coming up next. You can access the Guide by pressing GUIDE on a standard remote. 


1005 CBS News
1022 Cheddar News
1024 Law & Crime
1032 TYT Network
1034 WeatherNation

Sports & Outdoor

1058 fubo Sports Network
1059 Stadium
1060 ACC Digital Network
1061 Outside TV
1063 Insight TV
1067 Eleven Sports
1068 EDGEsport
1069 Pursuit UP
1070 Waypoint TV
1071 Surf
1073 World Poker Tour
1075 Pluto TV Sports
1077 Big Sky Conference

Tech, Gaming & Science

1101 IGN
1103 Arcade Cloud
1104 ESR
1105 Mobcrush
1106 MinecrafTV
1111 Voyager Documentaries
1112 Insight TV Wonder
1113 Science TV
1117 Futurism
1125 Anime All Day
1127 Geek&Sundry
1131 CONtv


1153 FailArmy
1155 The Pet Collective
1159 RiffTrax


1251 Lively Place
1253 ET Live
1262 Danger TV
1266 Docurama
1270 New Detectives
1272 BUZZR
1274 Wipeout
1280 Shout! Factory
1282 Classic TV
1288 Stingray Ambiance

Kids & Family

1311 Dove Channel
1312 Toon Goggles
1313 TG Junior
1317 SQAD
1319 ZooMoo
1320 Cocoro
1321 Moonbug


1331 QVC
1333 HSN


1351 Tastemade
1353 Gusto TV
1359 This Old House
1367 Hollywire
1371 People TV
1375 Her
1379 PowerNation
1381 Chassy
1383 Cars


1401  MHz Now
1402 Latido Music
1407 HallyPop
1409 Asian Crush


1451 The Preview Channel
1467 Dust
1471 Movie Mix
1472 Midnight Pulp
1474 Gravitas Movies





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