Commonly Used Tabs (Apps or Services for Channels)

Your team channel(s) may have additional tabs depending on the team type that was selected when it was created, or if a team member with the appropriate permissions has manually added more. Several commonly used tabs are listed below. Please also see: Adding a Tab.


The Files tab is a OneDrive folder for your team that contains all the files shared on that channel. Files will show up here if they are:

  1. Added to the Posts tab by a team member.
  2. Uploaded by a team member in the Files tab.
  3. Uploaded to your team’s accompanying SharePoint Team Site.

These files will also appear in your OneDrive for Business account. You can view them by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Office365 hub at and open the App Launcher in the top left of the screen.
  2. Select the OneDrive icon from the list of apps. 
  3. Under Quick Access, is a list of all of the Teams that you are a member of. 
  4. Select the team to view all documents that are associated with that team and channels.
Note: Though team files are stored in OneDrive, they do not count toward your personal OneDrive for Business storage limits (even if you sync them to your computer).


The Wiki is a collaborative writing tool that team members can use to draft, edit, and even chat. It would not be a good choice for creating new documents (the Word or Files tab would be a better option). The wiki tab works best when it’s used as documentation for persistent resources (such as policies and procedures that new hires can refer to).


Notes is a OneNote notebook that every member of the channel shares. OneNote is a collaborative note-taking platform from Microsoft. Like the wiki tool, OneNote is a space where persistent resources can live. Notebooks created in Teams will also show up in the OneNote app (online, desktop, and mobile).


Planner is an Office 365 tool for tracking and reporting on tasks. Tasks exist in Planner as cards and can be assigned to group members. Members can update their cards with status reports, due dates, attachments, and comments or questions. Planner is one of the only tools that cannot currently be added to a private channel.

Tips for Tabs

Tabs are an easy and effective way to add valuable collaboration tools to a channel. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of tabs as you learn to use Teams:

1.) Only add the tabs you need. Too many tabs can feel overwhelming to other team members, and Teams will truncate the list if you add too many to a channel.

2.) Keep tab names short and succinct. For example, a tab for OneNote wouldn’t need to be named “Our Team’s Weekly Meeting Minutes” when “Notes” would suffice.

3.) Link to an existing SharePoint site for quick access. The SharePoint tab options allow you to add a document library from another SharePoint site, or display the site’s newsfeed.


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