Block Spam Callers

Having trouble with those pesky telemarketers? If so, you can block them on a Cisco 8851 ip phone in just a few short steps.

Note: This feature is only available on the Cisco 8851 IP phone (the newest model desk phone).

1. Press the Cog button (looks like a little gear) on your Cisco phone.


2. Select "Recents" from application list.


3. Scroll down the list of calls until the desired number is highlighted. 


4. After highlighting the number press the 3-dot button (...) two times until you get to the "Mark Spam" option.


5. Press the button under "Mark Spam" to select that option.


6. Select the first option "Potential fraud" to block the chosen number on your phone, and press "Apply". The second option "Telemarketer" will allow calls to get through, however it will label the caller as a potential telemarketer on your phone.


7. If there are other numbers you wish to block, press "Exit" to go back to the call list and repeat step 6 and 7.

8. When finished, press "Exit" until you are back on the desktop screen of the phone. 

9. You can edit your block list by pressing the gear icon and then "Settings" > "Spam call list." Here you can remove any number that has been blocked.


That's it! If someone from the blocked number calls again the phone will not ring and the calling party will be prevented from leaving a voice mail. Up to 150 numbers can be blocked per phone. 

*Please keep in mind that spammers and some telemarketing entities use telephone spoofing techniques to mask their real identity. They will usually use a number that is the same prefix to a familiar number in the area, such as 336-380 or 336-278, however the suffix will be random. Be aware that if you block a spoofed number, it could be a legitimate number. If you find you have blocked a number by mistake, follow step 9 above to unblock it.


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