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Etrieve Central (eDocs) is an online platform for managing, submitting, and accessing documents, forms, and workflows. It is used by various departments at Elon University for document and records management (e.g., regulatory and compliance records).

Note: eDocs is not intended for simple forms or surveys. For more information about supported form and survey tools, visit this Knowledge Base article, Form and Survey Tools.

This article will help you understand the benefits of using Etrieve Central (eDocs), how to access it, and answer some frequently asked questions.


  • Forms & Documents are easily accessible and searchable.
  • Forms can be routed for electronic approval using workflow both internally and with external users.
  • Provides a clear view of where a document resides within a workflow.
  • Provides long-term archival for documents.
  • Documents can be stored with multiple access to allow others to view and/or edit by document type.

Accessing eDocs Central

Open a web browser and navigate to https://edocscentral.elon.edu (opens in a new window). The following web browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Edge Chromium
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari (Mac/ iOS)
TIP: If you are at an off-campus location, it is recommended to access eDocs using Elon's secure VPN. For Instructions, visit Quick guide to securely access eDocs forms with the Elon VPN.

Etrieve (eDocs) Step-By-Step User Guide

The Etrieve (eDocs) Step-By-Step Guide provides general instructions for understanding general features, panels, and navigation.  Click here to access the user Etrieve Step-By-Step User Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I request an eDocs service?

You can submit a request for the creation of a new document type, form, workflow, or service within eDocs by submitting a request at eDocs Request.

How do I request permission changes for an existing form or workflow? 

Requests for permission changes can be made for new or existing department members. To submit a request, visit eDocs Permissions and submit a request.




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