Add a Mobile Phone to Duo Security


Add a mobile phone to your Duo Security enrollment.


* If you have not already done so, please first Enroll in Duo Security


1.) From the website, log in and choose Manage Devices. From here, verify with Duo from your existing device.

  • If your device changed but the phone number is the same, using the "Call Me" option should allow you to proceed.

  • If you are unable to authorize access via Duo, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.


2.) Choose '+ Add another device' then ‘Mobile phone.’ Then, select ‘Continue’ Once registration is complete, you may return to the Multi-Factor Authentication website to add an additional device.

The "What type of device are you adding" screen

2.) Enter the phone number of the device you are registering. Underneath the phone number entered, review your phone number and select the empty box to confirm. A checkmark will appear. Then select ‘Continue.’

The "Enter your phone number" screen

3.) Select the type of mobile phone you are registering. Then, select ‘Continue.’

The choose a device operating system screen

4.) Next, you will be prompted to install the Duo Mobile App for the type of mobile device you registered. On your mobile device, navigate to the app store and search for ‘Duo Mobile.’ Tap ‘Install’ to install the app on your mobile phone. Once complete, select “I have Duo Mobile Installed” on your laptop/computer screen.

The Install duo mobile screen

5.) To activate, open the Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone. Tap the ‘+’ button, then scan the QR code shown on your laptop/computer screen. Once complete, a green check will appear on top of the QR code. Then, select ‘Continue.’

The screen with the QR code which has a check mark over it

6.) Next, review settings and device options. For example, if you have multiple devices registered, you have the option to set a default action upon logging in to a web application. Then, select ‘Continue to Login.’

The Duo devotes screen with the Continue to login button

7.) A confirmation of your enrollment will appear. Select ‘Send Me a Push’ or ‘Call Me’ to initiate Duo authentication.

The choose an authentication method screen

8.) Once complete, you are presented with a confirmation of your enrollment and notified that Duo MFA will be required the next time you access web applications such as Moodle, Office 365 and other services that require your Elon email username and password. You may also return to enrollment settings from this screen.

The you have successfully enrolled in Duo screen


Once registration is complete, you may add a landline phone or add a tablet.



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