Set up your iPad

The following steps will make working with your iPad more efficient and effective.


Rename your iPad

Because you will be airdropping documents to your professors and classmates, you should rename your iPad so they will be able to identify the originator of documents.

Apple: Change the Name of your iPad

Turn on Dictation

Throughout your nursing courses, instructors might ask you to write a reflection after a particular activity.  An easy way to do this is to dictate your reflection right after the activity.  Before you can use your iPad to dictate, you need to enable it in settings.

Apple: Dictate text while using an Apple external keyboard

Create your Contact Card

Your instructors and classmates will want to be able to contact you.  The easiest way is to create a contact card on your iPad and share that with others.

Apple: Add your contact info on iPad

Customize your Control Center

You can customize your control center to easily access some helpful tools. 

Apple: Use and customize Control Center on iPad

Sign in to OneDrive

OneDrive is the place at Elon to store all your school-related documents.  You will be able to access OneDrive from any device logged into Elon and you can easily share documents with classmates and professors.  Before you can save to OneDrive on your iPad, you need to sign in with your Elon credentials and then add it to the Files app.

Elon: OneDrive for iOS Devices

Apple: Connect external devices or servers with Files on iPad


Create Folders and Add Apps to the Dock

You can organize apps on your iPad into folders and add your most used apps to the dock so that you can more easily find and use your apps.

Apple: Move and organize apps on iPad

Search for Items

You can use the iPad search feature to look for apps, documents, email messages, and information on the Internet.

Apple: Use iPad to search


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