Turner Theatre - PIN code request


Turner Theatre PIN code - user request

The Technology Service Desk does not have access to the PIN code, and technicians cannot turn the system on for users. 

All use of the space must be reserved and approved, and users can submit their requests through the link below.



Turner Theatre Reservation Request


When not scheduled for movie showings, Turner Theatre is available for other university events. Examples of such university uses include an invited speaker, university panel discussion or special school event. All events scheduled in Turner Theatre are open to all of the Elon University community and will be promoted on the theatre website and digital marquee.

If requesting a screening, please note that the hosting organization must secure the public performance rights, which typically cost $500-800. If you have questions about performance rights or Turner Theatre, generally, please contact Abby Igoe, assistant director of multimedia projects, at aigoe2@elon.edu or 336-278-7262.


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