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Available learning spaces with technology in Schar Hall.

Schar Hall 001

Classroom that can seat 20 students and includes a desktop computer, a touch panel controller, and three TV Displays.

Schar Hall 004

Classroom with 19 desktop computers, a projector, white board, and a printing station.

Schar Hall 008

Office space with monitor to preview presentations.

Schar Hall 104

Computer classroom with seating available for 19 people and includes a desktop computer, student computers, a Planar TV, a printer, and a xerox machine.

Schar Hall 109

Conference room equipped with a table, rolling chairs, multiple conference calling programs, desktop computer, wireless mouse and keyboard, and a TV.

Schar Hall 203

Classroom and can seat 35 students which has a desktop computer, a touch panel controller, and a projector.

Schar Hall 205

Classroom with seating available for 19 people which includes student computers, multiple TV monitors mounted on the walls, an overhead projector, a student printing station, and a touch panel controlling the entire room.

Schar Hall 206

Common area that contains 4 offices, a TV, and a table that can sit 4 people.

Schar Hall 207

This room has 35 rolling chair desks, a desktop computer, projector, and screen.

Schar Hall 209

This space serves as a lounge and collaborative work area and includes lounge chairs, rolling chairs, a white board, two Roku TVs, four desktop computers, and a printing station.

Schar Hall 210

This room has six offices, a common area with a table that can seat four people, and two chairs with swivel desks.

Schar Hall 212

Conference room that has conference calling capabilities, a conference table with rolling chairs, a desktop computer, a projector, and a camera.

Turner Theatre

Turner Theatre is Elon University's own cinema.

Turner Theatre - PIN code request

The Service Desk does not have access to the PIN code and technicians cannot turn the system on for users.