What is an IT Project?

IT projects can vary significantly in their size and impact. Some projects are extensive and have a direct effect on the entire campus while other projects may go unnoticed but are crucial for smooth operations. Regardless of the size and scope, if a project involves the procurement, deployment, or coordination of new or existing technology on campus, an Information Technology Request should be submitted. Getting IT involved as early as possible allows us to plan resources effectively, develop actionable timetables, and ensure compatibility with other systems to maintain continuity of services.
Elon IT projects are prioritized by two main categories:


Institutional Priorities

Divisional Goals

Campus Partner Strategic Goals

IT Strategic Plan


Essential IT Operations

Optional Operations & Requests

Project requests usually include many of the following:
  • Unique and generally not routine or repeated. However, some routine tasks may be included within the larger scope of a project.
  • Temporary endeavor with a distinct beginning and end
  • Defined by specific deliverables
  • Requires a team to be formed for collaboration and coordination of efforts
  • Evaluation of costs and risks before work can proceed
  • Outcome of project may impact a department, a group of people associated with a specific process, or the entire campus.
  • Examples include:
    • Procurement and implementation of high impact software
    • Construction of a building
    • Implementation of a new system to replace another
    • Deployment of a campus-wide communication service
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Submit a request for Information Technology to assist with a project that may have technology implications or requirements.