Onboarding an Apple Device With Webex Go

With Webex Go, you can easily make and answer business calls from your mobile phone’s native dialer and take advantage of enterprise-grade calling features without having to use of the Webex App. Webex Go allows mobile hybrid workers to seamlessly transfer calls between Cisco devices, desk phones, or your computer with Webex App. This is a guide for setting up Webex Go on an iPhone or iPad.


After receiving an using the QR code you receive from Webex Calling, follow these steps to complete your device setup.  Once complete you will need to reboot your device.


1.)  From the Settings Menu, select Cellular.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

2.) Under eSIMs, choose the secondary line. It should be the second line and will have a "W" to the left of it.

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3.) Select "Voice & Data".

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4.) Make sure that "VoLTE" is selected and turned on.

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Once complete, reboot your iPhone.  Upon restarting your device is now fully ready to use Webex Go. You can choose your Primary line or the Webex line to make calls. For on-campus calls you may dial the 4-digit extension as you would normally. For local calls, an "8" is not required but the area code is. For long distance, always use a "1", the area code, and then the number. International calling rules vary by the country you are calling. Be aware that Elon University still incurs charges if you use Webex Go for long distance or international calling. If you previously used the Webex App on your phone, you may log out of it and uninstall it if you desire.

For questions or help, contact the Elon University Service Desk.


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