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A guide to classroom technology connections for blended courses.
Tips to help students best use video conferencing at Elon.
Tips about hosting a successful Webex meeting.
Record a Webex meeting and upload it to Moodle.
Quick tips for conducting a class where some of your students are in the classroom, while others are join remotely.
Directions on utilizing Webex in a hybrid (part-online, part-in-person) class.
Webex FAQ.
Start a quick video call with Webex Personal Rooms.
Resources for using Webex to record a lecture video to share with your students.
Good practices for using Webex for virtual office hours.
An introduction and tips for recording video for Moodle.
Tips for using Webex for live lectures.
Shows how to create a poll within a Webex meeting to gather feedback, take votes, or test knowledge.
Learn how to quickly get started using Webex.
Tutorial for watching online and video files in a Webex meeting