Blended Classroom Technology Guide

This guide details the basic steps necessary to begin a blended classroom session using installed web cameras and other technology equipment and web conferencing tools in standard Elon classrooms.

Get Started

This guide will walk you through three key steps to help you get started in blended classrooms at Elon. In the process, you will:

  1. Identify installed classroom technology
  2. Select your preferred web conferencing application
  3. Follow step-by-step instructions for connecting installed classroom technology and your preferred web conferencing application

Classroom Connections Printables

Each instructor station should have a "Classroom Connections" printable that serves as a quick start guide to the technology in the space. These printables can be found below as well. 

Avaya PC [.pdf]
Most traditional classroom spaces have an Avaya camera that is connected to a PC. 

Avaya PC/Shure [.pdf]

  • Carlton 321
  • KOBC 200

Avaya Mac/Shure [.pdf]

  • McEwen 210

Avaya BYOD [.pdf]

  • McMichael 206, 218
  • Center for the Arts 229, P04, P10, Blackbox
  • Koury Athletic Center 06, 242, 114, 116
  • KLC 125, 230
  • Arts West 111, 112, 114, 118, 120, 126, 160
  • Scott Studios Black box
  • Lindner 206
  • Carlton 209

Avaya Mac [.pdf]

  • Schar Communications 001, 004, 104, 205
  • Alamance 318
  • Long 102, 105
  • McEwen 013, 205, 209, 210, 212, 214
  • Steers Pavilion 101
  • Arts West 156

Vaddio PC [.pdf] (OneLink Bridge)

  • Alamance 315
  • Duke 302
  • McMichael 104, 115, 329
  • Mooney 210, 310
  • Powell 210
  • Global 301
  • Psy/HSS 144, 148
  • Arts West 154
  • McMichael 329
  • Alamance 207

Vaddio PC [.pdf] (Quick connect USB)

  • Long 201, 203
  • Sankey 314

Vaddio Mac [.pdf] (OneLink Bridge)

  • Schar Communications 203, 207
  • Lindner 106

1Beyond PC [.pdf] (Osprey VB-USL Video Bridge)

  • Carlton 221
  • KLC 127
  • Lindner 208

1Beyond PC [.pdf] (USB CaptureSDI)

  • Alamance 206
  • KOBC 244

Belk Pavilion 208 [.pdf]


Connect Classroom Technology & Web Conferencing Applications

These articles are designed to walk you through the basic steps of setting up a standard Elon University classroom for a blended class session using installed technology equipment and web conferencing applications. Detailed step-by-step instructions for each application will show you how to launch a live stream of your class session and, if desired, record the session for later sharing.

Troubleshoot Classroom Technology

Learning spaces on campus should have a web camera with a built-in microphone that may be used with conferencing tools, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Most learning spaces use the Avaya web camera, which is typically mounted from the ceiling. Some spaces use the Vaddio web camera, which is integrated into the Crestron system and mounted to the wall. The One Beyond web camera is used in select locations such as Koenigsberger 127, Lindner 208, and Carlton 221. 

Web Cameras & Audio

Instructor Stations

Most classrooms have instructor stations with Crestron touch-screen panels that control the technology installed in the room, including web cameras, projectors, screens, and inputs (e.g., laptops, document cameras, DVD player). 

Tips & Resources

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