Login to University Computers

Log onto a University computer

Windows - Log On

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + Delete
  2. At the log-on screen, type your full email username (i.e., jdoe@elon.edu)
  3. Type your Elon email password
  4. Press Enter or click the arrow to log on

Windows - Log off

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+Delete
  2. Select 'Log off'

Mac - Log On

  1. Type your Elon username
  2. Type your Elon email password

Mac - Log Off

  1. Click the 'Log Off' button on the desktop 

Hosted guests of the university

Visit our Guest Account Access page for more information.

Members of the public

Members of the public can use computers available on the first floor of Belk Library.

  1. Obtain a username and password from the Belk Library Information Desk
  2. Username: Type in your Elon-issued username
  3. Password: Type in your Elon-issued password
  4. Login to: FS
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