Clickers for Faculty

I'm ready to try clickers in my class, now what?

Here is a quick list of actions to get your class ready for using clickers.

  1. Choose a clicker technology that best fits your classroom goals.
    1. Read "What type of clicker should I use" below.
  2. If you decide on TurningPoint clickers, order an instructor kit from TurningPoint, and practice using the software.
    1. Read "What do I need to get started with TurningPoint" below.
  3. Order clickers for your students to buy from the Elon Bookstore.
    1. Read "How do I place my clicker order" below.

For technical assistance with TurningPoint, contact them at 866.746.3015 (8 am - 9 pm EST).

What type of clicker should I use?

Clickers come in many forms. Some are hardware-based where students have to purchase a clicker device. Others are web-based where students can use their mobile device to respond to a poll. The best clicker for you depends on how you plan to use them. If you plan to use clickers for occasional, ungraded, anonymous polling of student opinions, the free web-based clickers may be a good fit. and are two web-based clickers used by Elon faculty that work well.

If you need more advanced features or don't want students to use mobile devices in class, hardware clickers are the better option. The hardware clicker we recommend is TurningPoint's LCD model.

What about free clicker options? and are free web-based clickers that may be a good option for some. Web-based clickers may work for you if you plan to use clickers for the following:

  • anonymous, ungraded, occasional polling
  • allow mobile devices in your class
  • have fewer than 40 (50 for students per class.
    Review the following questions to help you determine which clicker will be best for your class.

1.) Are you OK with students using mobile devices in your class?

  • If not, TurningPoint is your better option because only works on mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. TurningPoint clickers are handheld single-function devices that only let students respond to your prompts. They aren’t able to check email with the clicker device.

2.) Will you grade your students’ participation or responses with the clickers?

  • If so, TurningPoint is the better option because their software can import grades into Moodle.

3.) Would you like to track student responses?

  • If so, TurningPoint is the better option because they make it easy for students to register their device in Moodle.

4.) Will you use clickers regularly?

  • If so, TurningPoint is the better option because the hardware devices don't rely on student-owned devices and responses with web-based clickers take longer to appear.

5.) Do you have more than 40 or 50 students in a class?

  • If so, TurningPoint is the better option because the free services have limits on the number of students who can participate.'s limit is 40 students.'s limit is 50 students.

What do I need to get started with TurningPoint?

Step 1 - Order instructor kit from TurningPoint

If this is your first-semester using TurningPoint clickers, you will need an instructor’s kit. Instructor kits are free and include a receiver and a clicker. To receive an instructor's kit, contact Elon's TurningPoint representative, Elwood Smith.

Step 2 - Create a TurningPoint account and download the software

Create a free TurningPoint account at Enter your Elon email address. You'll then see Elon's standard log-in screen. Once logged in, go to TurningPoint's download page, scroll down and click on the TurningPoint Cloud version for your computer. You may have to complete a short registration form.

Step 3 - Practice using the TurningPoint software

TurningPoint offers several ways to help you learn the software.

How do I place my clicker order with the Elon Bookstore?

Contact our TurningPoint representative Elwood Smith with the course number, section, number of students in each section, and whether you'll allow students to use their mobile device as a clicker.

Clickers and licenses

Elon is standardizing on one model of clicker so a clicker that a student buys in one class will work for any other class. It's recommended that student purchase a bundle that includes a physical clicker and a license. If you permit mobile devices, or some of your students already have physical clickers, you can also add the license-only option to your order. It is possible to have some students using mobile devices and others using LCD clickers in the same classroom.

TurningPoint LCD clicker with 1-year license bundle TurningPoint LCD clicker with 2-year license bundle TurningPoint Cloud license-only with no physical clicker
TurningPoint LCD clicker with 1-year license bundle 
Bookstore price: ~$45 
TurningPoint price: ~$34
TurningPoint LCD clicker with 2-year license bundle 
Bookstore price ~$55 
TurningPoint price: ~$46
TurningPoint Cloud license-only for 1-year (no physical clicker) 
(IMPORTANT: students can use the license on their mobile device or laptop) 
Bookstore price: ~$30 
TurningPoint price: ~$21



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