Make Phone Calls On-Campus


  • To dial a university phone number, you only need to dial the last 4 digits of the university extension
  • To dial an off-campus phone number, dial "8" and then the phone number
  • To dial an off-campus long distance phone number, dial "8+1+areacode+phone number"
  • Dial "0" for the switchboard
  • To dial an off-campus international phone number, dial "8+011+Country Code+Area Code+Phone Number"

Residence Hall Phones

  • Student dorm rooms do not have active phone jacks, however, the common areas do have a local line.
  • Common area phones can make local calls and emergency calls
  • Common area phones cannot receive phone calls

Moving Office Phones

Users have the ability to move Cisco IP phones.

If moving Cisco IP Phones to a new location, please remember:
  1. When disconnecting, disconnect cables from ports on the back of the phone
  2. Move cables and phone to the new location
  3. Contact the Technology Service Desk if you have problems when reconnecting your phone in the new location


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