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General Questions

What is Syncplicity for?

  • Syncplicity is Elon University's new method of backing up important job-related data to the cloud. By flagging certain files to be added to your Syncplicity account, they will be securely saved in a cloud location that grants you access from almost anywhere.

Why should I use Syncplicity?

  • All faculty and staff with a University-owned computer should use Syncplicity because it is now the source of any work-related backups. Campus Technology Support (CTS) is only responsible for data located in your Syncplicity account. In cases of computer replacement, computer crashes, or computer reimaging, CTS technicians are only responsible for restoring data in your Syncplicity account.

What are the benefits of Syncplicity?

  • Syncplicity is an easy-to-use program to backup files and folders to cloud storage, meaning you can access them from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Additionally, if you make a change to a document in one location, the changes are made to the document in all locations the file is saved. Faculty and staff even have the ability to share files and folders to collaborative work.

What is my Syncplicity login information?

  • Syncplicity uses your email user name and password to log into your account.

How much storage space do I receive?

  • Each faculty and staff member with a University-owned computer will receive 25GB of online storage space. Faculty and staff whose positions require more storage space for backing up their files should contact the Technology Service Desk at 278-5200 to inquire about this possibility.

Is Syncplicity secure?

  • Yes! Syncplicity uses a variety of encryption and security measures to ensure that the files you sync are properly protected. Further, Syncplicity complies with HIPAA and FERPA laws.

Do I have to worry about upgrading Syncplicity?

  • No! Campus Technology Support will assist and rollout Syncplicity upgrades without the need for you to take any further action.

Access Questions

How do I get Syncplicity?

  • Information Technology (I.T.) has created a rollout schedule to install and configure Syncplicity for all University-owned faculty and staff machines. Additionally, your department will be notified a week prior to installation.

How do I access Syncplicity?

I'm working in a different office for the next few weeks - how do I access my work from another machine?

Can I use my iPhone or iPad to look at my files?

  • Yes! Just download the Syncplicity mobile app from the iTunes App Store.

Can I use Syncplicity at home?

  • Yes! Just log into your account online. Please note that CTS does not endorse installing Syncplicity on your personal computer.

How do I...?

How do I delete a file?

Any time you consider deleting work-related material, you should be sure you will no longer need it. To permanently delete a file, log into your account at, select the file you want to delete, and click 'Delete' (you can also right-click a file or folder and select 'Delete).

Do I have to re-sync my files any time I make changes?

  • No! Syncplicity automatically backs up saved changes to files. For example, if you make changes to a spreadsheet on your computer backed up by Syncplicity, saving those changes will automatically be updated to the cloud.

What if I make a mistake? Can I get my old file back?

How do I share files or folders?

  • Sharing files and folders with Syncplicity is easy! Navigate to 'Manage' in the Syncplicity folder and click 'Share.' Alternatively, log into your account online, navigate to the file or folder to share, and choose the Share option. Just enter in the email addresses of those you want to share work with, and you're done!

Can I control permissions for shared work?

  • Yes! When you share a file or folder through Syncplicity, you assign users a permission: Reader, which is only able to view the file or folder; or Editor, which may view and edit the shared files or folders.

If I open a file from the cloud, will my edits change on the desktop version?

  • Yes! It might take a while for Syncplicity to synchronize all your accounts, but changes made to any documents will ultimately appear anywhere you access Syncplicity.


Help! I'm sharing documents with users off-campus. Why can't they see the shared documents and folders?

  • It's important to remember that organizations outside of Elon may not have access to the same technology. If a user outside of Elon is unable to view a shared document or folder, it may be because their software is out-of-date.


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