Allowed File Types for Mobile Printing

Accepted File Types for Printing

Only the following file types are allowed: .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .PPT, .PPTX, .PPS, .XLS, .XLSX, .RTF, .TXT, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIF, and .TIFF.

Any other file types (Google Docs or Web Pages) will need to be translated to a different file type before submitting the print job.

Printing Mac files

If you are printing documents with Mac extensions (Pages, Numbers), they MUST be converted into one of the accepted file types above in order to print. Mac-specific file extensions are not accepted and will not be accepted by the print system. Please see the above "Accepted File Types for Printing" for accepted file types.

Printing Web Pages

In order to print web pages, you must first print them to a PDF file, and then attach the PDF to the email you send. If you don't have Adobe Reader, then print the document to "Microsoft Print to PDF."

Printing Google Docs

Although students can still print from Google Docs using the Canon Printing system, students must download files in Word, PPTX, PDF, or XLS formats to submit for printing.

To download files from Google Drive, follow these instructions.

1.) Log in to your Gmail Account

2.) Open Google Drive

*This is located in the top right corner of the main screen beside the bell icon.

3.) Select the document you would like to print

4.) Select 'File' located above the toolbar

5.) Select 'Download As' from the drop down menu

6.) Select the File Type you would like to download your document as

7.) Attach the file to an email and send the email to (students) or (faculty/staff)

Printing PowerPoint Files with Speaker Notes

1.) Open the file in PowerPoint

2.) Select File -> Export

3.) Select 'Create PDF/XPS Document'

4.) Click 'Create PDF/XPS'

5.) Give the document a file name and select the save location

6.) Click 'Options'

7.) Under 'Publish what:' change the dropdown to 'Notes Pages'

8.) Click 'OK'

9.) Click 'Publish'

10.) Add the PDF as an attachment to an email and send the email to (students) or (faculty/staff)

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