Documentation and How-To's for printing, copying, and scanning at Elon. Aimed specifically at printing for students.

Articles (13)

Pinned Article Install the Print Driver for Student Print Stations

Guidance for how to install student print drivers to devices.

Pinned Article Printing for Students

Printing for students at Elon, with links to appropriate additional other knowledge base articles.

Pinned Article Student Print Driver Download

Provides drivers for the student print stations.

Allowed File Types for Mobile Printing

Describes allowed printing file types when using Canon printers and the mobile print option.

Basic Layout for Student Printers

Home page of student printers as well as the status monitor buttons to check for errors.

Copy for Students

Overview of capabilities for students when copying on campus.

Create Presets for Canon Printers on a Mac

Provides an overview of setting printing presets for Canon devices on a Mac.

Print for Students

Ways students can print using a Canon printer.

Scan & Send (Students)

Overview for how students can scan & send documents with Canon devices on campus.

Set Color or Black & White Printing on Your Device

Discusses how to set color or black and white printing on your device.

Student Print Email Warnings

Examples of warnings students may receive when emailing documents for printing.

Student Print Locations

Locations of student print locations.

Student Printing- FAQ

Student printing at Elon FAQ.