Install the Print Driver for Student Print Stations

These instructions cover installing Windows or Mac print drivers for the Canon student printing stations.

Installing Print Driver for Windows

1.) Find the appropriate 'bit' number corresponding with your machine

2.) Install the appropriate print driver (listed below) on your computer

3.) You will be brought to this screen

This image tells you Windows is protecting your computer but that you should run the file anyway

4.) Select 'Run anyway'

5.) Leave the destination folder as set and click 'Install'

This image shows the installation path

6.) The following screen will display - be patient and don't close the window

  This is an image of the script screen that will appear

Don't worry! This is just the print driver being installed.

7.) The print driver is now installed and you can print by sending documents to the printer titled "Student Canon"

This is an image of the print option screen with the canon queue

8.) Enter your Elon email username (without and password to send the document to the queue

This image shows the uniflow login screen to enter your username and password

Installing Print Driver for Mac

1.) Download the Mac print driver installer file

2.) Click on the Printer Icon when it pops up

This is an image of the canon pkg

3.) Press 'Continue' 

This image is an introduction screen of the installer

4.) Select 'Install'

This image is the installation type and path

5.) Enter your computer password and select 'Install Software'

This image is the computer password screen to install new software

6.) The driver is now installed - when printing, select the 'UF_ElonStudent_MAC" printer

This is an image of the print queue screen

7.) You will be brought to the screen pictured below - enter your Elon email address without '' and your Elon email password

This is the uniflow login screen

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