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Need to install the print driver? Please see our page for the Student Print Station Installation.

IMPORTANT: If printing using a print driver, whatever print settings you set from the time of printing (e.g., within Microsoft Word) will be set. You will not be able to change these settings from the Options button on the printer.

3 Ways for Students to Print at Elon:

1.) From the Home Screen, select 'Secure Print'

2.) This will bring you to your Printing Queue and Print Credit Balance

3.) Choose materials from your queue to print

This is an image of the print queue screen users will see when printing on a Canon printer.

  • With Canon printers, you can select multiple print jobs at once. This can either be done by manually selecting them, or by choosing the 'Select All' option on the bottom menu.

4.) If you want to change how your document prints (two-sided, black & white versus color, etc) tap the Options button (to the left of Print + Delete in the image above)

If you are using the PRINT DRIVER (and not the option), by default, the printer settings for Color vs. Black/White are set to "Auto" by default. Additionally, even if you send a document as "duplex" (double-sided printing), the printer will default to "simplex" (single-sided printing). If you wish to change these settings, you must do so manually from the Options button on the printer itself.

This is an image of the options screen users can adjust when using the printer.

  • Duplex: Sets two-sided printing and how the document is oriented for printing.
  • Color Mode: Sets black and white or color printing.
  • Stapling: Not available.
  • Hole Punch: Not available.
  • Copy Count: Sets how many copies to print.
  • Page Range: Sets the range of pages to print.
  • Paper Catalog: Not available.

5.) When you are ready to print, tap either 'Print+Keep' or 'Print+Delete'

  • By selecting 'Print+Keep,' you can print your materials and keep them in the queue for 10 additional hours. By selecting 'Print+Delete,' you can print your materials and clear your queue immediately.
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