Printing for Students

Elon University uses Canon devices for printing. Students have the option to Copy, Scan and Send, and have access to mobile printing options as well as traditional printing options. This documentation will provide a walk through of those options from the Canon printer.

3 Ways for Students to Print at Elon

  1. From your personal computer by installing and using the Canon print driver for printing.
  2. By using print drivers are already installed on computers in lab locations by selecting StudentCanon_BW or StudentCanon_Color.
  3. By submitting print jobs by attaching documents to an email sent to


Copy or Print in Color

Make sure you're at a color-capable print station. Files are configured to copy or print in black & white by default. Use the options function (outlined in the appropriate tab below) to learn how to set color copying or printing.


Check your Print Dollars

Print stations display a combined balance of print dollars and Phoenix cash. This information is only displayed on the Secure Print screen, and there will be a delay between printing jobs and the deduction from the balance that appears. To find out how many print dollars you have, check your balance via the Phoenix Card portal.


Printing Topics


IMPORTANT: If printing using a print driver, whatever print settings you set from the time of printing (e.g., within Microsoft Word) will be set. You will not be able to change these settings from the Options button at the printer.


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