Scan & Send (Students)

How to Scan & Send

1.) Select 'Scan and Send' from the Home Screen

2.) Specify Your Destination By Selecting One of the Options Below

This is an image of the main scan & send screen on Canons for students.

  • By selecting 'Address Book,' you can choose to send materials to anyone with an email address (outlined under Address Book Options below). By selecting 'Send to Myself,' you can choose to send materials to yourself. By selecting 'New Destination,' you can choose to email or fax users outside of Elon University.

3.) Open the Copy Plate (or place multiple documents in the copy tray) and place your materials inside

4.) Tap the Start button

5.) When the scanning is completed documents will be sent automatically


From the panel on the right-hand side of the screen, you can set a variety of options:

This is an image of the settings available when scanning & sending.

  • Auto (Color/Gray): Set if you scan in color or black/white.
  • 300x300DPI: Set the resolution for scanning.
  • Auto Size: Set the page size for scanning.
  • 2-Sided Original: Set the orientation for two-sided scanning.
  • Different Size Originals: Set if original documents are of different sizes.
  • Options: Screenshots for a variety of options are provided below. Please click the thumbnails to view larger versions.

This is the first screen of additional options for scanning and sending. This is the second screen of options when scanning and sending.

Address Book Options

These instructions will briefly show you how to operate the 'Address Book' option under 'Scan and Send.'

1.) When you first select 'Address Book,' a list of names will pop up 

  • This list of names includes various faculty and staff, including the addresses of certain on-campus organizations.

2.) If you know who you're looking for, select 'Search by Name' at the bottom right of the previous screen

  • Selecting 'Search by Name,' allows users to quickly narrow down the search of addresses if they already know who they're looking for.

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