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Provides an overview of setting printing presets for Canon devices on a Mac.
Locations for faculty & staff print/copy/scan devices.
Classroom with 19 desktop computers, a projector, white board, and a printing station.
Printing for faculty & staff FAQ.
Process of ordering supplies for Canon devices.
Home page of student printers as well as the status monitor buttons to check for errors.
Information about publicly accessible Canon devices.
Process of installing faculty & staff print drivers.
Additional Canon devices to their eManage account.
Faculty & staff can scan & send documents with Canon devices on campus.
Overview of capabilities for students when copying on campus.
Walks users through uninstalling Canon (faculty, staff, or student) print drivers. This is useful for troubleshooting print issues.
Overview for how students can scan & send documents with Canon devices on campus.
Information about placing service calls on Canon devices.
Create an account with Canon's eManage site, which is used to order supplies or place service calls for Canon devices.