Order Supplies for Canon Devices

This page outlines how to order supplies for the new Canon Printer/Copiers.

I. Ordering Supplies by Phone

To order supplies by phone, call 1-800-355-1385. Select Prompt 2 for Supplies.

II. Order Supplies by email

To order supplies through email, email contractsupplies@csa.canon.com. Remember to provide the Serial Number in your email.

III. Ordering supplies through eManage

In order to use this option, you must first register with the eManage site.

1.) Log into the eManage site and click 'Products & Supplies'

The Canon homepage with Products & Supplies circled.

2.) Click 'Order Contract Supplies'

The Products & Supplies menu, with Order Contract Supplies circled.

3.) Select the Canon device you need to order supplies for

An image of the device configured to your account, circled.

4.) Select the quantity of each supply you need from the quantity column and click 'Add To Cart'

The quantity field is circled in this picture so you can see where you set the quantity of what you want to order.

5.) Click 'Enter Shipping/Billing Information' when you are prepared to submit your order

The enter shipping/billing information is circled here because that's what you should click next.

6.) Enter the Attn Label name and click 'Check Out'

An image where the Checkout button is circled because that's the next step.

7.) Click 'Place Order'

An image of the Place Order button, circled.

8.) Congratulations! You have ordered your Canon printer/copier supplies online!


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