Create an Account with MyCSA (eManage) to Order Canon Supplies

This page outlines the process of creating an account with MyCSA (previously eManage), a website that manages service calls and supply ordering for new Canon copiers. You must follow these instructions if you wish to order supplies or place service calls online.

This process may be completed by anyone. However, it is recommended that your department/area select one primary individual responsible for placing service calls or ordering supplies, with a secondary individual selected as a backup.

1.) Visit

2.) Click 'Create Account'

The Create Account button is circled in this picture to help show you where to go on the site to create an account.

3.) Fill out the required information and click 'Submit Request'

An image of the registration form with the next set of information numbered: 1 is email, 2 is serial/equipment number; 3 is first name; 4 is last name; 5 is phone number; and 6 is Access type.

  1. Email: Enter your Elon email.
  2. Serial/Equipment #: This is a 3-letter, 5-number combination found on a sticker below the glass screen of the copier.
  3. First name: Enter your first name.
  4. Last name: Enter your last name.
  5. Phone Number: Enter your office phone number.
  6. Access Type: Select 'Quick Access.'

A picture of a Canon serial number, with it clearly labeled as an example and circled to draw attention.

4.) You will now need to wait for a user name and password for your account to be emailed to you from Canon - You will also receive an email saying your account is under review


It may take up to 30 minutes to receive the email containing your password.

6.) Log into the site with the information you received in the email (pictured below)

An example of the Canon email you could receive.

7.) After logging in with your temporary password, accept the user agreement and click 'Submit'

An image of the terms & conditions you must accept.

8.) Create a new password and click 'Apply'

9.) Congratulations! You can now add additional devices, order supplies, or place a service call!

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