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These instructions cover the Scan and Send option for the Canon printer/copier. This is used to scan files to email to yourself, others, or save to flash drives.

I. Scan and Send using Email

1.) Touch your Phoenix Card to the Blackboard card reader to login

This is an image of the card reader on a Canon circled.

2.) Select 'Scan and Send'

This is an image of the Scan & Send screen, with that option circled.

You will see the following options:

This is an image of the options for scan and send.

  1. Address Book - This may be used to look up email addresses for members of Elon University.
  2. One-Touch - This button is recommended only for advanced users. To learn more, visit Canon's eLearning site.
  3. New Destination - This will provide several options (pictured below).
  4. Send to Myself - This will email the scanned document to your Elon University email account.

Address Book

The Address Book, by default, begins searches with the First Name. To search only by last name, enter *^ before entering the last name.

An image of the screen where you can search by name.

  • When selecting Address Book, choose 'Search by Name' and enter the name on the screen above and tap OK.

New Destination

The "New destination" icon

  1. E-Mail - This will allow you to enter an email address for someone outside of Elon University.
  2. I-Fax - This button is non-functional.
  3. File - This button is non-functional.
  4. Store in Mail Box - This button is non-functional.

3.) Once you have specified the email address and tapped OK, press the Start button.

An image of the keypad on the device, with the start button circled

II. Scan and Send using a Flash Drive

With Canon printers/copiers, you can scan documents to save on a flash drive or you can print documents already saved on a flash drive.

1.) Insert your flash drive in the USB slot

An image of where the flash drive can be inserted, which is circled.

2.) Touch your Phoenix Card to the Blackboard card reader to login

An image of the card reader, circled.

3.) Select 'Show All'

An image of the Canon home screen.

While multiple options are listed, flash drives are used through 'Scan and Store' and 'Access Stored Files.'

An image of the Scan & Store and Access Stored Files options circled.

  • Scan and Store - Use this option to scan documents and save them to a flash drive.
  • Access Stored Files - Use this option to print documents already saved on a flash drive.

4.) Regardless of choice, the next screen you will see is below. Choose 'Memory Media.'

An image of the flash drive options, with Memory Media circled.

5.) Select your flash drive

An image of the screen where you can select your flash drive.

6.) If you are printing files off a flash drive, choose the files you wish to print. If you are saving a file to your flash drive, enter a name. Press the Start button to begin.

An image of the keypad on the device, with the start button circled.

7.) When completed, press the eject button before removing your flash drive.

An image where the eject button is circled.

III. Scan and Send to Fax

Faxing capabilities are unavailable with the Canon printers/copiers. In order to scan a file for faxing, you should scan and send the file to yourself. Then, you should use the Fax Utility to send the fax from your computer. Please note that a RightFax number is not required for use of the Fax Utility. If you need the Fax Utility installed on your computer, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 278-5200.

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