Faculty & Staff Printing Locations

*All Faculty and Staff printers can print in color.
Campus Copiers Locations Serial Number IP Address
uF_Canon_AFH239D (Alumni Field House) 4CS06224
uF_Canon_AFH291 (Alumni Field House) 4CS05685
uF_Canon_Alm102 (Registrar's Office) 4CS05951
uF_Canon_Alm105 (Janet Williams) 4CS03812
uF_Canon_Alm113 (Bursar ecopy\eDocs) 4CS06281
uF_Canon_Alm120 (Provost ecopy\eDocs) 4CS06263
uF_Canon_ALM213 4CS06276
uF_Canon_Alm216 4CS06236
uF_Canon_Alm305A 4CS06247
uF_Canon_Arts (Center of the Arts) 4CS05662
uF_Canon_AWEST (Arts West 119) 4CS06291
uF_Canon_Belk_208 4CS06219
uF_Canon_Belk1stFL (Copy Room) 4CS05879
uF_Canon_Belk226 (Academic Advising) 4CS06298
UF_Canon_Belk231 4CS06254
uF_Canon_BelkPav (Belk Pavilion) 4CS06240
uF_Canon_BelkTLT (115) 4CS06283
uF_Canon_BusServ1 (Business Service Accounting 119) 4CS06269
uF_Canon_BusServ2 (Business Service Accounting 119) 4CS06259
uF_Canon_Carlton (Carlton Bldg - INT Studies Room 119) 4CS04615
uF_Canon_CC (Campus Compact) 4CS06296
uF_Canon_CL101  4CS06250
uF_Canon_Colonn (Colonnades STE C101) 4CS05881
UF_Canon_CTS2019 (Campus Technology) 4CS06436
uF_Canon_Dancom (Danieley Commons) 4CS06266
uF_Canon_LawDeanSuite 4CS03840
uF_Canon_Duke212 ( Math Dept 212) 4CS06087
uF_Canon_ELL109 (Ellingtion 109.1 ecopy\edocs) 4SC05670
uF_Canon_FC_Nursing (101) 4CS06241
uF_Canon_FC1st (Francis Center 1stFloor - ecopy\eDocs) 4CS06242
uF_Canon_FC2nd (Francis Center - ecopy\eDocs) 4CS06207
uF_Canon_FH (Field House 108) 4CS06272
uF_Canon_GC103 (Global Communications) 4CS06275
uF_Canon_Glob218 (Global Commons) 4CS06277
uF_Canon_Glob322 (Global Commons) 4CS06285
uF_Canon_Gray (Pol Sci Gray Pavilion) 4CS06210
uF_Canon_Harden (Clubhouse) 4CS05848
uF_Canon_HR (Human Resources - ecopy\eDocs) 4CS06231
uF_Canon_Inman211 (Inman Financial Planning 102/111 commons area) 4CS06267
uF_Canon_Inman227 (Admissions 2nd Floor) 4CS03780
Canon_Inman223D RRB28415
uF_Canon_InmanFP (Inman Financial Planning 102/111 commons area) 4CS06232
uf_Canon_IQ_Dean Suite 4CS06223
uF_Canon_IT (IT Building) 4CS05870
uF_Canon_JohnHall (Johnston Hall, Upstairs 1A (ecopy - Fortis) 4CS05329
uf_Canon_KOBC100 (Koury Business Ctr RM 100 Dean Suite) 4CS06271
uF_Canon_KOBC113 (Koury Business Ctr) 4CS06256
uF_Canon_KOBC210 (2nd FL Copy Room (210A) 4CS06221
uF_Canon_KOBC312 4CS06217
uF_Canon_Koury101 (Campus Recreation (Koury Gym 101) 4CS06286
uF_Canon_Koury143 (Koury Gym) 4CS06234
uF_Canon_Koury225 4CS06258
uF_Canon_Law_Admissions 4CS06253
uF_Canon_Law_Annex1 (2nd Floor) 4CS06502
uF_Canon_Law_Annex2 (2nd Floor) 4CS05909
uF_Canon_Law_Immg 4CS06209
uF_Canon_Law107 4CS06262
uF_Canon_LawElder 4CS05718
uF_Canon_LawRegistrar 4CS06273
uF_Canon_Linden104 4CS05734
uF_Canon_Linder200 4CS03806
uF_Canon_Lindner108 4CS06215
uF_Canon_Long109 4CS06287
uF_Canon_MAC (Martin Alumni Center) 4CS06260
uF_Canon_McE1st (McEwen 101A - School of Communication) 4CS06222
uF_Canon_McE203 (Communications (203A) 4CS06227
uF_Canon_McM120 4CS06213
uF_Canon_McM224 (McMichael Science Bldg 224) 4CS06208
uF_Canon_McM327 (McMichael) 4CS06279
uF_Canon_Moon107 (Mooney) 4CS06237
uF_Canon_Moon302 4CS06261
uF_Canon_Mose137 (Moseley 137A Campus Center Ops) 4CS06371
uF_Canon_Mose140 (Moseley Bldg 140 /Career Services) 4CS06216
uF_Canon_Mose205 (Moseley) 4CS06127
uF_Canon_NumLum (Numen Lumen) 4CS05646
uF_Canon_Oaks103 ( Commons Office (103C) 4CS06265
uF_CanonOaksCP (Campus Safety & Police) 4CS06214
uF_Canon_OLPD (Office of Leadership and Professional Dev) 4CS06289
uF_Canon_PHSS (Phy & Hum Serv Stu Bd (PHSB) 4CS06239
uF_Canon_Powell104(Pres. Office) 4CS06248
uF_Canon_Powell108 4CS06226
uF_Canon_Powell202 (Now Powell 208) 4CS06264
uF_Powell House 4QS02393
uf_Canon_Powell323 4CS05872
uF_Canon_PP (Physical Plant) 4CS06225
uF_Canon_PUR (Purchasing) 4CS06249
uF_Canon_RhodesST 4CS06292
uF_Canon_Sankey109 4CS06280
uF_Canon_Sankey210 4CS04588
uF_Canon_Sankey311 4CS06244
uF_Canon_Schar016CTR 4CS04631
uF_Canon_Schar108 4CS05674
uF_Canon_Schar114ACTR 4CS06238
uF_Canon_Schar212B (old location Koury Gym Hallway 103)) 4CS06282
uF_Canon_Schar212QCTR 4CS06278
uF_Canon_Schar214 4CS06228
uF_Canon_SpenPav 4CS04638
uF_Canon_UC (Truitt Bldg (University of Communications - South Campus) 4CS06211
uF_Canon_UnivAdv110 (South Campus Old Financial Planning) 4CS06245
uF_Canon_Whit101 4CS06230
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