More Options in Google Drive

Select a file and right click to see the variety of options Google Drive provides

Image shows variety of options in Google Drive

  1. Preview - Preview the selected file

  2. Open with - Choose to open the file with Google Viewer, Google Docs, Manage your Apps, or connect to more apps

  3. Share - See File Sharing in Google Drive documentation

  4. Get shareable link - Create a link to share files, videos or images

  5. Add to workspace - Allows the user to organize and quickly access files in one place without searching the entire Drive

  6. Move to... - Move the file to another location in Google Drive

  7. Add to Starred - Add a star to the file to mark it as a favorite

  8. Rename... - Rename the file in Google Drive

  9. View details - View additional details about file or folder

  10. Manage versions - View the different versions of this file as it has been changed over the course of its availability in Google Drive

  11. Make a copy - Make a copy of the file in Google Drive

  12. Report abuse - You can report behavior that you consider to be a violation of Google's Terms of Service

  13. Hide details and activity - Hide the details and activity of the file in question

  14. Download - Download a copy of the file to the computer you are currently using

  15. Remove - Delete the selected file


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