Back Up Windows Computers to an External Device


OneDrive should be your primary backup method for Elon University items but outside of this and if you wanted to backup your personal items (pictures, videos and music folders), which OneDrive does natively, you will do the following:

To allow for easy back of data (documents, desktop items, images, audio, video) all your files should be located in your user profile or under This PC (Windows 10). If they are not located in your user profile you will need to relocate them into the directories listed below.

Document Backup (Documents, Desktop, Images, Music, Video)

  1. Navigate to your data located in your account profile:
    1. Click on the Folder icon on Task Bar
    2. Double click and expand This PC and expand the Local Disk - OSDisk ( C: )  icon on the left side of the screen
    3. Double click the Users folder
    4. Double click the folder that has your username
  2. Select your data: Right-click and Copy then Paste the Desktop, Downloads, Favorites (only backups up IE favorites), My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, and My Videos folders to your storage media.
Handy Hint
  • For backups of individual files, network storage, a jump drive, or CDs are appropriate.
  • For full backups of all of your computer data, we encourage the use of an external hard drive.
After completing these steps, remove your storage media and keep it in a safe and separate location away from your computer. It should always be kept away from extreme heat, extreme cold, and magnetic items.


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