Study Abroad or Study USA Deposit Payments

1.) Log into the Elon University Student Account Suite screen. Enter your University ID and password. Or if you have an authorized user then they can login with their email and password to pay the deposit

If you have forgotten your University ID or initial OnTrack password, directions can be found at the bottom of the login page. You will enter your Elon email username and password and your information will be emailed to you.

An image of the login page.

2.) Click on the Deposits tab

It's very important to use the "Deposits" tab when making your Study Abroad and/or Study USA deposit payment. The system will not recognize a regular e-payment as a deposit. If you make this mistake, please contact the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center office at 336-278-6700.

An image of the home screen with the Deposits tab circled.

3.) Select the Study Abroad or Study USA term and payment type from the drop down boxes and then click Select

  • First choose the term for which you are applying.
    An image where you select the term to make payment.
  • If you have the option to choose an account, choose Student Receivables.
    Some students will have this option and some will not.

An image of the term and account dropdowns.

  • Now choose the appropriate Study Abroad and/or Study USA deposit account
    An image where you select the deposit type for the payment.

4.) Once you’ve chosen the Study Abroad and/or Study USA deposit account, it will bring in the amount. Click on Make Deposit Payment

An image where you are supposed to click the Make Deposit Payment button.

5.) Select a Payment Method by choosing one of the two choices, electronic check or credit card

An image with the payment dropdown shown asking you to select your payment method.

  • Information to fill out if you choose electronic check.

An image showing the options for Electronic Check.

  • Next is the electronic check agreement form.

An image of the electronic agreement form.

  • Information to fill out if you choose credit card.

An image of information to provide for credit card payments.

6.) Payment Confirmation

An image of the payment confirmation screen.

7.) Make sure you Logout

Email confirmation from the Bursar's Office

  • You will receive an email message from the Bursar’s office (, an example is below:

This is an automated message to confirm that your payment has been submitted.
Please note that this payment is subject to approval and final verification.
======== PAYMENT DETAILS ========
Student Name — [ Test Student ] Student Account — [ Study Abroad Deposit ] Term — [ Fall 2011 ] Payment Method — [ xxxxxxxxx#### ] Amount — [ $500.00 ] =================================

Email confirmation from the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center (GEC)

  • You will be sent an payment confirmation email from on the next business day after your transaction is processed. Upon receipt of this email, you will be able to see that the deposit payment is “received” on your study abroad application.


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