Disable the Java Plugin


1.) Go to 'chrome://settings/content' or open the Chrome 'Menu' and select 'Settings'.

2.) Click 'Privacy and security' > 'Site Settings'.

3.) Scroll to the plug-in you want to control and click it.

4.) Click the toggle switch to turn on or turn off the plug-in. You may also see 'Blockand 'Allow' sections where you can input specific websites on which to disable (or enable) the plug-in.



1.) From the 'Open Menu' button, select 'Add-ons'

2.) From the Plugins bar (1), click the 'Disable' button (2) next to 'Java(TM) Platform ....'

The plugins option (1) and the disable button (2).

3.) Close and re-open the browser

Internet Explorer

1.) Click the 'Tools' menu and then select 'Manage Add-ons' 

2.) In the dropbox below 'Show,' select 'All Add-ons'

An image showing the dropdown field to change.

3.) Select any line identified as 'Java' and click 'Disable/Disable all'

An image of items labeled Java to disable.

4.) Close and re-open the browser


1.) Click 'Preferences' in the Safari menu

An image of the preferences location.

2.) From the Security tab (1), uncheck 'Enable JavaScript'

3.) Close and re-open the browser


1.) At the top corner of the browser, select 'Settings'  > 'Extensions' > 'Get extensions for Microsoft Edge'.

2.) Right-Click the extension icon next to the address bar. Next, select 'Remove from Microsoft Edge' > 'Remove'. 

3.) You can also remove an extension by selecting 'Settings' > 'Extensions', and then selecting 'Remove' under the extension you want to remove. Select 'Remove' again to confirm.



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