Disable the Java Plugin

Internet Explorer

1.) Click the cog and then select 'Manage Add-ons' 

2.) In the dropbox below 'Show,' select 'All Add-ons'

An image showing the dropdown field to change.

3.) Select any line identified as 'Java' and click 'Disable/Disable all'

An image of items labeled Java to disable.

4.) Close and re-open the browser


1.) From the 'Open Menu' button, select 'Add-ons'

2.) From the Plugins bar (1), click the 'Disable' button (2) next to 'Java(TM) Platform ....'

The plugins option (1) and the disable button (2).

3.) Close and re-open the browser


1.) Click 'Preferences' in the Safari menu

An image of the preferences location.

2.) From the Security tab (1), uncheck 'Enable Java'

An image with an arrow pointing to the enable java location.

3.) Close and re-open the browser


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