View Past Purchase Requests

1.  Visit Elon Purchase Requisition.  

2.  Click "Submitted/Saved Requests".   

submitted and saved requests button highlighted   

3.  Click "All Past Purchase Requests".    

All Past Purchase Request button highlighted



This displays a page of all past purchase requests with one of the following statuses.   

example of what all past purchase request look like in system

  • Pending: The request is moving up the list of approvers. There is a column titled “Next Approver” so you can see who the request is with.  

  • Returned: An approver has returned the request.  Notes on why the request was returned will be emailed to the requester's Elon email address.  

  • Withdrawn:  The requester has removed the request from the approval process.    

  • Denied:  An approver has denied the request.  The purchase request is returned to the requester and cannot proceed forward.  A new request must be submitted, this request cannot be edited.    

  • Sent to Purchasing: The person with signing authority (the last approver) has approved and the request has been sent to Purchasing.   

  • Ready for Colleague:  This status is used by the Purchasing department in processing the purchase request.  The request has gone through the first step in Purchasing; The budget code has been verified and a commodity code has been added.  

  • Placed on PCard: The request has been processed and was put on a PCard rather than a purchase order.  

  • Entered in Colleague: The request has been processed and given a PO Number.  There is a column titled “PO Number” where you will see that number.  


4.  Click "View" to the left of the purchase request to see additional details.    

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