AppsAnywhere Instructions

Image of AppsAnywhere logo.

AppsAnywhere is the new way to launch software in designated PC labs, across campus.

Log on to the portal

PC labs with AppsAnywhere will open automatically in a web browser after the Windows log on.

 Alternatively, if the web browser does not launch you can launch AppsAnywhere at

 Image of Google Chrome shortcut.

When the validation process is complete you will see a green bar at the top.


Image of validation process completing.

You are now ready to use the applications portal.


A successful validation image.

Using the portal

The applications you have rights to will be displayed on the portal. You can search or view applications that you have marked at Favorite.

Place your mouse on top of one of the applications you want to start. 


An image of available apps.

You can mark it as a Favorite by clicking on the asterisk. (1).

Click the Launch button (2) to launch the application.

An image of the Favorites bar (labeled 1) and the launch button (labeled 2).

On the Cloudpaging Player you can follow the process:

Status: Virtualizing

The necessary data will be transferred and the program will be ready to start.

An image of the cloudpaging player.

Status: Ready

All data has been downloaded, the application is ready to start.

Image of the cloudpaging player.

Status: Running

The application is started and running.

 Image of the cloudpaging player.

Example of Downloaded App

Here we started the application for the first time via the portal.

The program can be found under the Start menu.

Image of example app.


If you have started multiple applications through the portal, you can open them through the Cloudpaging Player.

You can start and stop applications through Cloudpaging Player.

Select the application you want to start (1).

Click Launch (2).

If you want to shut down an application, click Stop (3).

Example of cloudimaging player, with an example application (labeled 1), the launch button (labeled 2), and the stop button (labeled 3).

Removing Applications you no longer use

Double-click the Cloud Paging Player icon on the Start menu.

Cloudpaging Player icon.

Select the application you want to remove from the list (1)

Click the Remove button (2)

The application has been removed

You can always log in to the portal and start the program again.

Cloudpaging player with an example application (labeled 1) and the remove button (labeled 2).

If using the Internet Explorer browser, the application and the Cloudpaging Player may remain hidden behind the browser window. If so, the application can be accessed by clicking the icon on the taskbar or by minimizing the browser window.

Toolbar image.



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