Turn Off the "Lower Your Voice" Alert

Cisco 8851 phones have a new feature that some may find a little annoying.  But that’s okay because we have step by step instructions to turn this feature off for good.


1.     Press the Cog button (looks like a little gear) on your Cisco phone.




2.     Press the 2 button to select Settings.


3.     Use the circular pad to scroll down to item 9.Lower your voice alert.  By default it is set to On.



4.     Press the softkey labelled Off.



5.     You will see a message asking you to verify this.  Verify by selecting Ok.

6.     The alert is now off and you must hit exit twice to get back to the main phone display screen.





That’s it!  You’re all set and Cisco will no longer rudely judge your speaking voice!  Thanks for reading and if you ever have any questions, always contact the Elon Service Desk!


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