Download Kaltura Personal Capture and Record a Video for Students

Students may be asked by their professors to record video or presentations and submit them to Moodle assignments or forums.  The following step-by-step instructions is tailored for students to download Kaltura Personal Capture, record screen captures and/or webcam captures from their computer, and upload them to Moodle for submission.  To upload a video that has already been recorded and edited, please read the article on Uploading to Kaltura for Students.

For a full list of Kaltura How-to Videos, click here.

1) Navigate to your course, then select the assignment or forum post where you are to upload your video

  • If the assignment is a video submission, click ‘Add submission’ in the assignment.
  • If you are posting a video in a discussion forum, click ‘Add a new discussion topic’.


2) In the textbox toolbar, click the ‘Embed Kaltura Media’

Image of a text box with the text box toolbar. The fourth option from the right is the "Embed Katura Media" button and is circled


3) In the popup window, click ‘Add New’ then click ‘Kaltura Personal Capture’

Image of pop-up window with "Add New" button in the top right and a pop down menu with the fourth option down being the "Kaltura Personal Capture (new CaptureSpace)"


4) If you have not already downloaded Kaltura Personal Capture, select the download option for either Mac or Windows and follow the prompts to install

Image of "The Kaltura Capture desktop Recorder"

  • Kaltura Personal Capture will automatically open once installed.


5) If you have already installed Kaltura Personal Capture, select ‘Open’ from the prompt to launch the software

Image of pop-up asking "Open Kaltura Capture?" with the options to "Open Kaltura Capture" or "Cancel" in the bottom right


6) Within Kaltura Personal Capture, you can select what you which to record

Image of the Kaltura toolbar with boxes explaining the different icons explained. The first icon is a red dot for "Start Recording", the second icon is a screen for "Adjust screen settings and turn on/off screen recording", the third icon is a camera for "Turn on/off camera recording", and the fourth (last) icon is a microphone (audio) for "Adjust audio settings and turn on/off recording"

  • The ‘Screen’ option will record what is on your screen.
  • The ‘Camera’ option will record through your webcam.
  • The ‘Audio’ option will record audio through your microphone.
  • You can record Screen, Camera, and Audio, or any combination of these options, at the same time.


7) Once you are ready to record, click the red record button

Image of recording with "Stop recoding" icon, then the "Pause Recording' icon, then the "Cancel recoding" icon, and then the time recording

  • A countdown will appear.
  • During recording, you can pause by clicking the red pause button.


8) When you’re finished recording, click the square stop button

  • Confirm that you want to stop the recording.

Image to confirm to stop recording


9) Edit the title, description, and tags for the video.  Then click ‘Save & Upload’

Image to add the title, description, and tags


10) The video will upload to Moodle.  Keep an eye on the upload progress within Kaltura Personal Capture

Image of uploading a video


11) On the Kaltura pop-up page, click ‘Back’

Image of "The Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder" with the "back" button at the top left


12) The newly recorded video will now appear at the top of your My Media page.  Click ‘Embed’

Image of loaded video with "</> Embed" button to the right


13) The video is now embedded into your assignment or forum!

Image of textbox with embedded kaltura link

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