Install IBM SPSS for Mac OS X

Installation Instructions

This page provides instructions on how to install IBM SPSS v26 on a computer running Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina), Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave) or Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra).

1. Open the SPSS installer DMG file.

2. Double-click the SPSS Statistics Installer icon as shown below.

3. This message may appear as a result from downloading the installer from a web browser, click Open to proceed.

4. Enter machine password then click Install Helper to authorize the installer.

5. Click OK to proceed.

6. Click Open to proceed.

7. On the IBM SPSS Statistics screen, click OK.

8. On the following introduction screen, click Next.

9. On the following Software License Agreement screen, select I accept... and click Next.

10. On the following Install Python Essentials screen, select Yes then click Next.

11. Select "I accept these terms of the License Agreement" and click Next to continue with the installation.

12. Select "I accept these terms of the License Agreement" and click Next to continue with the installation.​​​​​​

13. On the following Choose Install Folder screen, click Next.

14. On the following Pre-Installation Summary screen, click Install.

15. SPSS will now install, please allow 2-5 minutes for completion.

16. On the following Install Complete screen, click Done.

17. On the license screen, click Next.

18. On the Product Authorization screen, choose Authorized user license (I purchased a single copy of the product). and then click Next.

19. On the Enter Codes screen, enter your authorization code. 

20. Once the authorization process is complete on the Internet Authorization Status screen, click Next.


21. On the Licensing Completed screen, click Finish to complete the installation.

22. To launch SPSS, go to the Applications folder then refer the screenshot below to see the full path of the application. The path would be /Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/26


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